Friday, April 30, 2010

Lesson Idea for The Tiny Seed

I try to integrate as much as possible when planning lessons. I find that integration helps children make more connections to what they are learning. So for the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, I integrated science, art and literature. This lesson is for Pre-K - K.

Literature and Science
First I read the book to my son. We talked about what seeds need to grow. We established that seeds need soil, water and sunshine. Then we talked about how different plants and flowers come from seeds.

We took a field trip to the hardware store and pick out some flowers.  We then planted the flowers and watered them. We also planted some dried beans that had been soaked. We have been monitoring their growth. Our bean plant shot up pretty quickly and is now producing beans. My son was quite in awe of that! He also loves watering the plants. He says that he is giving them energy.

Art Ideas
Draw pictures of flowers
Make a collage of picture of flowers
Make a collages of different seeds

If your children are older, you can add in a writing portion.

Writing Ideas
Journal the plants growth
Write out the stages of plant growth (seed, seedling, flower, seed) with pictures
Write a story about making a garden

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